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Headquartered in Italy, MAE is customer focused and quality oriented. It has 700 employees and four manufacturing sites (Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy and Serbia).

MAE’s motto is “We design and manufacture advanced motion solutions that keep the world moving.” Its products cover a wide range of blowers and motor types - Universal AC/DC, Permanent Magnet DC, Stepper and Brushless – that can be designed in combination with gearboxes, encoders and brakes.

MAE motion solutions achieve the highest quality and performance levels. Its products are known for long-term reliability, meet the highest industry standards, and offer excellent price-to-performance ratios.

MAE is one of four business units within AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions (AMS). Together with Dunkermotoren, Haydon Kerk- Pittman and Dynamic Fluid Solutions, AMETEK AMS operates a manufacturing network with 16 locations and 3200 employees that manufactures 10 leading motor and blower brands worldwide.