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Next generation stepper motors – the future is now

Friday, July 3, 2020

AMETEK MAE is proud to announce two new Nema hybrid stepper motors - the Nema 17, 42mm flange, 2-phase and the Nema 23, 57mm flange, 2-phase. More compact and powerful than previous models, the new motor range Nema 17 is available in three different stack lengths (36.3mm, 41.1mm, 53mm) each with three winding options (0.4A, 1A, 2A), to provide the widest performance range available on the market, up to 57Ncm. For the Nema 23 stack lengths of 41mm, 55mm, 78.5 with four different winding options (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A) with a performance range of up to 220Ncm are available.
MAE motors are highly customizable, with full support from our technical team to offer the required shaft, cable, connector, IP protection and further special features.

We also offer a suite of ancillary devices for these motors, such as incremental or absolute encoders and planetary gearboxes to provide the ideal configuration for your application needs.
To complete the package, you may also select our programmable controller to achieve the maximum performance and precision available, with analogue, digital and Field Bus communication.

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