Outdoor and Tools

MAE is a leading manufacturer of drive motors solutions ranging from 80 W up to 2000 W in the Outdoor and Tools markets.

  • Applications +

    Applications are not limited to but include the following areas:

    • Air compressors
    • Chain saws
    • Circular saws
    • Drills, Grinders and Polishers
    • Fluid pumps
    • Fountains and Pond pumps
    • Hedge trimmers
    • High pressure washers
    • Hot welding tools
    • Lawn mowers
    • Leaf blowers
    • Paint sprayers
    • Robotic mowers
    • Trimmers
  • Product Use And Benefits +

    MAE leverages its technological platforms such as: universal, BLDC and PMDC motors, to deliver custom solutions for the Outdoor and Tools markets in joint development programs with customers to constantly update the competitive advantages of the end products.

    A special focus is given to the expansion and the upgrade of those motor solutions with highest efficiency for the next generation of battery powered applications.

    MAE can assure across all its product range:

    • Maximum reliability and manufacturing accuracy
    • Optimized performance
    • Long Life
    • High level of energy efficiency
    • Stable performance during the life cycle.
    • All applicable Certifications and Environmental Compliance