MAE is a leading manufacturer of motor drive solutions and blowers for the controlled delivery of air in a wide range of medical devices and laboratory equipment.

  • Applications +

    Applications are not limited to but include the following areas:

    • Cleaning and Disinfection Chambers
    • Dental Evacuation Systems
    • Laboratory Analysis
    • Patient Support Surfaces
    • Peristaltic Pump Drive
    • Respiratory Assistance
    • Surgical Fume Evacuation
  • Product Use And Benefits +

    MAE electronically commutated variable speed blowers set the industry standards for many medical devices in OEM applications which require custom design and performance. MAE offer a wide range of solutions to meet your design needs for the healthcare industry with outstanding technical features delivered across the cost competitive blower platforms, which provide:

    • High Air-Power Density
    • Long Service Life
    • Superior Energy Efficiency
    • Full Speed Control
    • Optimized Sound Output