Life style and Food & Beverage

MAE is a leading manufacturer of blowers and drive motor solutions ranging from 80 W up to 1600 W in many segments of the Life Style market such as Fitness and Beauty as well as in the Professional Food and Beverage industry.

  • Applications +

    Applications are not limited to but include the following areas:

    • Bath and SPA Blowers
    • Blenders
    • Coffee Grinders
    • Cream and Granular Dispensers
    • Food Processors
    • Hair Dryers
    • Hand Dryers
    • Juice Extractors
    • Mixers
    • Treadmills
    • Power Showers
    • Vending Machines
    • Water and Cold Beverage Dispensers
  • Product Use And Benefits +

    MAE leverages its technology platforms such as: Universal, BLDC and PMDC motors, to deliver custom solutions for the various sub-markets in this sector. MAE is committed to constantly upgrading its motor designs with the highest level of efficiency to reduce energy costs and preserve the environment, while always matching the applicable regulations.

    Through its continuous efforts in the research and development to improve quality, durability and optimize operating sound output, coupled with advanced customized features to meet customer requirements, MAE constantly strives to provide market leading fulfil the highest customer expectations.

    To sustain its leading position, MAE can rely on highly equipped laboratories and sophisticated instruments to test the reliability and performance of its motors, to measure the sound quality and ensure compliance with the electromagnetic compatibility standards.

    MAE can assure across its entire product range:

    • Optimized performance across the operation mode
    • Robust deign
    • High Torque
    • Maximum reliability and manufacturing accuracy
    • Outstanding long life for brushed motor designs
    • Ergonomic design
    • High level of energy efficiency
    • Stable performance during the life cycle
    • Optimized sound quality
    • All applicable Certifications including EMC and Environmental Compliance
    • Internal validation Processes and pre-Compliance test equipment