MAE is a leading manufacturer of vacuum and drive motor solutions ranging from 80 W up to 2200 W in the Cleaning markets.

  • Applications +

    Applications are not limited to but include the following areas:

    • Carpet Extractors
    • Centralized Vacuum Systems
    • Contract Cleaning Solutions
    • Polishers
    • Robotic Cleaners
    • Scrubbers
    • Sweepers
    • Steam Vacuum Cleaners
    • Upright Vacuum Cleaners
    • Vacuums Dry
    • Vacuums Wet & Dry
    • Water Filtration Vacuum Systems
    • Window cleaner systems
  • Product Use And Benefits +

    MAE leverages its technology platforms such as: Universal, BLDC and PMDC motors, to deliver custom solutions for Floorcare and adjacent markets in joint development programs with customers to constantly update the competitive advantages of the end products.

    MAE is committed to continuously upgrade its motor solutions with the highest level of efficiency to reduce energy costs and protect the environment, always fulfilling the applicable regulations. Through its new generation of high efficiency motor platforms MAE is ready to satisfy the growing demand for battery powered applications.

    MAE can assure across all its product range:

    • Optimized performance across the operation mode
    • Maximum reliability and manufacturing accuracy
    • Outstanding long life of brushed motor designs
    • High level of energy efficiency
    • Stable performance during the life cycle.
    • Optimized sound quality
    • All applicable Certifications including EMC and Environmental Compliance
    • Internal validation Processes and pre-Compliance test equipment
    • Cost competitive solutions