As a world-class manufacturer offering the state of the art in drive technology, MAE requires its suppliers to meet the strictest requirements in terms of:
  • Product and process quality
  • Technical competence
  • Cost-efficiency and active cost-reduction management
  • Reliability and service
  • Sustainability and ecological awareness

Please complete all fields in the following general supplier information and send it to info.maepurchasing@ametek.com

Supplier Questionnaire 

Following an initial verification, MAE purchasing staff will contact supplier candidates to discuss the following:

The basis for a successful cooperation is based on the following documents:

  • General purchasing conditions of MAE
  • Purchasing conditions of MAE for tooling
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • List of banned substances
  • Conflict minerals
  • Requirements for FAI reports

Please understand that due to the volume of interested suppliers, MAE can only consider those candidates who have fully completed the Supplier Information Form.